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I am a licensed doctor of acupuncture working in Hilo, Big Island. I have a BSW in Social Work from Northern Arizona University, received my MA in Acupuncture from Middle Way Institute of Acupuncture, and my Doctorate of Acupuncture from Pacific College of Health and Science. Even before entering this field of medicine, I have always believed in alternative methods of healing. Prior to my acupuncture studies I was a professional massage therapist for 15 years. Acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage are less invasive than Western Medicine and are still able to achieve positive results.

William king, Lmt

Proud to introduce my nephew as the new addition to Cherry Healing Center. Following in my footsteps, William King is a licensed massage therapist. He loves the biomedical aspect of massage and being able to predictably affect the body in a positive way.  William graduated from The Salon Professional Academy in Fargo, ND and specializes in range of motion, sports massage, and trigger point therapy.

Benefits of Acupuncture and massage

Acupuncture has been proven to lower stress hormones, moderate mood and alleviate anxiety. It can help improve your overall feelings of happiness and contentment.

Back pain, neck tension, joint pain, and headaches are all limiting factors in your daily happiness. Acupuncture can provide drug-free pain relief while also reducing swelling and inflammation.

Acupuncture can assist in strengthening your immune system to help fight off pathogens. It can effectively regulate your digestive system and increase your overall organ health.

Acupuncture helps calm your mind to eliminate the cravings of addictions. It promotes tissue repair while increasing relaxation and detoxification in the body.

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that  helps alleviate pain, improves health irregularities, and creates balance within the body.

When performed by an appropriately trained and licensed professional, acupuncture is a safe and less invasive alternative to Western Medicine.

If you’ve been having pain, discomfort, or general malaise, but you have yet to try this center-fold of traditional Chinese medicine, now is the time.

While many do express an initial fear when it comes to this type of treatment, the vast majority of patients have found acupuncture to be a relaxing and pain-free experience.

Beyond Acupuncture

Amongst my acupunctural treatments, my time in the body-work and health industry has spanned well over a decade and there are many other treatment modalities I employ including: Young Living Essential Oils , cupping, herbal supplements, energy healing, gua sha, and therapeutic massage.

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